Popcorn as a snack and more!

If you were reading my previous posts, you are already familiar with some interesting recipes of popcorn.

If you are new here, first of all Welcome, and let’s go on to check some interesting things we can cook with popcorn!

For this yumminess, we need cooking spray, marshmallows, butter, kosher salt, oil-free popped popcorn, and dark chocolate. You can check the proportions of each needed ingredients and a way of cooking here.

Agree it’s an intrigue! For cooking this, you basically need some popcorn and caramel candies, + all the usual ingredients used in cooking. Check the interesting process of cooking this and share your feedback after ;)!

And attention!

I kept some very surprising recipe for the end! Could you imagine something like cream soup with bacon and popcorn? I absolutely couldn’t.

For this, you need some popcorn, bacon, powder, sugar, salt, and a bit of red pepper. Well-cooked bacon is crumbled, then tossed with popcorn, and all the other ingredients. Make sure to keep the right proportions!

Choose which one to cook first and bon appetite!

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